1 Hour Sweat Challenge |15 Days|

Challenge yourself for one hour a day with this 15 day Sweat Challenge. Yoga warmups and cool-downs are included each day. I designed this program to improve your body and mind with workouts and meditation. I hope you will enjoy this program and see your strength and health improve. Please check with a trained medical professional to make sure this workout program is safe for you.

Program Length: 15 Days [50-70 minutes per day]

Workout types: Yoga, HIIT, Cardio, Bodyweight, Meditation

Equipment: Yoga mat or exersize mat

Difficulty Level: Intermediate [3/5]

Day 1: HIIT and Cardio

Don’t forget to take a before picture to see your results at the end of the challenge

Day 2: Upper body

Day 3: Core

Day 4: Lower body

Day 5: Recovery Yoga Workout

Day 6: HIIT and Cardio

Day 7: Upper body

Day 8: Core

Day 9: Lower body

Day 10: Recovery Yoga Workout

Day 11: HIIT and Cardio

Day 12: Upper body

Day 13: Core

Day 14: Lower body

Day 15: Recovery Yoga Workout

Congratulations! Thank you for trying this 15 day program! If you enjoyed this program, get ready to start with day one again tomorrow. Your body will get stronger with each round of 15 days. Feel free to add resistance bands or light dumbbells to increase the intensity as you need to. Don’t forget to take a picture to compare with your before pic.

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