Hi! I’m excited to share my recipes and lifestyle tips with you! I want to give you the tools you need to live a more compassionate and healthy life. All my recipes are delicious and thoroughly tested on my husband and friends; but some are healthier than others. I will color code them by how much they promote health and wellbeing.



IMG_1892 2Blue: These are recipes that include ingredients that have been scientifically proven to promote health and protect against diseases like heart disease and cancer. Foods that should be eaten in abundance are: whole grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and spices. Salt, refined sugar, and oil will be very minimal or not included in these foods. For more information on foods that promote health and healing please visit nutritionfacts.


fullsizeoutput_c3cGreen: These are recipes that for the most part are health promoting but may include a few ingredients that are not strictly part of a whole food plant based diet. Examples of these ingredients are: unsaturated oils, salt, refined sugar, coconut oil, white rice, and unbleached white flour. These kind of non-whole foods will be used sparingly. If a tiny bit of oil and salt will help you enjoy eating something like broccoli then I think its worth it.


IMG_1895 2Yellow: These are recipes that include processed products such as plant-based cheeses, margarine, and veggie meats. These recipes will also include moderate to high amounts of: unsaturated oils, salt, refined sugar, coconut oil, white rice, and unbleached white flour.  These foods are certainly not health promoting foods and are best to only eat occasionally. A little greasy usually means super tasty.


IMG_1893 2Pink: These are recipes that are sinfully delicious and very unhealthy. This includes foods with very little nutrient value and high caloric density like: sugary desserts, deep fried foods, and “comfort foods” that are high in saturated fat.  I usually only make these foods for special holidays and birthdays. Yes, Vegan foods are naturally free from LDL cholesterol but that does not mean they are all healthy.